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Yukon added a reply in discussion Prophetic Spellbinding 1 hour 11 minutes ago

That completes today's double header. Makin' history with these essays, I hope Rebel keeps the site up....

rebelofoz added a reply in discussion CO2 HAS NO EFFECT ON HURRICANES 2 hours 47 minutes ago

The reason why there are hardly any more of those freak hurricanes is that there are too many geoengineering watchers out there on the lookout for HAARP activities....

Yukon added a reply in discussion 1929 ALL OVER AGAIN? 2 hours 58 minutes ago

ok, as soon as I make it to your continent, lol...

Yukon added a reply in discussion CO2 HAS NO EFFECT ON HURRICANES 12 hours ago

Correction Hurricane Hilda in the graphic may actually be Hurricane Kilo, not sure which one ended up in the screenshot since I can't find the full track of either one....

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rebelofoz added a reply in discussion The Dilemma of Being Awake 13 hours 44 minutes ago

I'm not bluffing. I really mean it. I am ready and willing to give up....

Good stuff

The Khazarian Conspiracy: Fake Jews of the...

The Khazarian Conspiracy that rules the World. Who are the Khazars? What is their origin in history? How do they relate to the twelve tribes of Israel? What...

rebelofoz I don't care much about what happened to the 12 tribes of Israel. As far as I am concerned they are just a bunch of genocidal bunch of semi-nomadic psychopaths, just like the converted Mongolian Turk Khazar Huns and Berber Moors pretending to be Israelites. yesterday

rebelofoz oooooh, those evil SS people. How politically incorrect to show them kindly playing with a little kitten. That's almost worse than showing the big bad H smiling and being friendly with children and pets. yesterday
rebelofoz added a reply in discussion 1929 ALL OVER AGAIN? 2 days ago

You can crash on my couch if you need to, Yukon....

Warning - Cognitive Dissonance

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