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duncanlucas started a new discussion Its not over yet no matter what Cameron says ! 1 hour 16 minutes ago

2015-08-02_05_47_58-PressTV-Scots_march_for_independence_-_Yandex.pngGlasgow citizens voted totally for Independence at the Referendum .Glasgow houses some of the poorest people in the World with a World recognition of a life expectancy EQUAL to the inhabitants of Gaza .They DONT vote Jew ! ...

Very good, Texe Marrs interviews Mike King, good show and very informative

Clicking ion the flag gets you Geotool colored regional map of the server location -Thor data Centre -etc.


Hey Rebel in Linux I got the Flagfox add-on it shows a nice flag of Iceland with a whole host of info.

duncanlucas added a reply in discussion THE JEWS BURN A BABY TO DEATH ! 19 hours 36 minutes ago

2015-08-01_11_27_50-_Jews__Are_Not_Descendants_of_Abraham_-_Yandex.pngAny comments on the article below ? If there is one thing in my life I learned its to be down to earth ,practicable, when it comes to the human body ,you cant trick DNA ,what major medical body (not in Israel ) worldwide refutes it ?...

Big Brother=NSA+GCHQ+...+Microsoft+Google+Facebook+Yahoo+......

WinkNot Khazars at all, according to Professor Kevin MacDonald and Dr. David Duke. o recalcitrant Rebel! We peons are all wet with the Khazar theory (though Arthur Koestler and Shomo Sand of Israel espouse it); the Israelis descend in purest blood from God's Chosen People of Bible times!

2015-07-31_22_53_01-Windows_10_Spies_on_Almost_Everything_You_Do_Unless_You_Opt_Out___Sputnik_Inter.pngWindows 10 is an open house to targetted advertising even Cortana is involved to turn that off you need to go online and guess what when you turn off the spying -it turns itself back on again . Windows apps also records all your actions its one big advertising help for commercial big business and spy help for the NSA/GCHQ. You have been WARNED !!!...

Warning - Cognitive Dissonance

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Free Palestine! There is only one solution to the ME problem and that's a Jew-free one-state solution!!! - Rebel of Oz

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