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Stay the course Rebel, we are bringing the House of Judah down!

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If you have any doubts left that Trump is just another fake patriot phony, his words at the end of this video will settle them once and for all. ...

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Thanks, Yukon, for reminding me of this article. It had gone lost in one of the many wipe outs of my site by cyber terrorists....

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Thank you very much, Yukon. I totally agree and just needed a reminder. One way or another I will keep working towards our common goal....

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USS Rebel

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The Universe organizes around people who provide self-less service, if you keep pressing on then things will start falling in place, the rate at which change happens follows some unknown law, but even without knowing how or when, you will succeed because your thoughts are organizing the Universe. Everything takes time from our perspective, it may seem maddenling slow and feel painful emotionally,...

Warning - Cognitive Dissonance

Free Palestine!

Free Palestine! There is only one solution to the ME problem and that's a Jew-free one-state solution!!! - Rebel of Oz

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