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rebelofoz added a reply in discussion TEACHING CHRISTIANITY IS JEW BIBLE MIND RAPE! 5 hours 37 minutes ago

All of these things are just brown bits on used toilet paper to me. The faster you flush it down the toilet, the better, for yourself and the people around you....

Teaching Christianity Is Jew Bible Mind Rape! Not really . . . it depends what, how, why, to whom you want to teach Cristianity. But before I show you something fishy in the New Testament, here is something fishy in the Old one that for 2,000 has never been found out. Two writers, two orders of words for GENESIS 2:4. As you can see, Genesis 2:4 has been divided in 2 parts: GENESIS 2:4a...

rebelofoz likes the discussion God’s Will is the Will of the Jew 6 hours 53 minutes ago
rebelofoz added a reply in discussion God’s Will is the Will of the Jew 6 hours 53 minutes ago

Excellent analysis, Yukon. Spot on!...

rebelofoz added a video. 7 hours 17 minutes ago

HÖLLENSTURM (OFFIZIELL) - Die Vernichtung...

Egal, was du ueber den zweiten WK gelesen oder in Filmen gesehen hast, was dir darueber erzaehlt worden ist, was du darueber dachtest...du musst es vergessen...

rebelofoz I'm in the process of downoading the German version from Youtube and uploading to Rebel TV, just in case .... The English version is being blocked in 60 countries on Youtube, but available in the featured section of Rebel TV without restrictions of course 7 hours 16 minutes ago
Yukon shared a photo. 8 hours 43 minutes ago

Stay the course Rebel, we are bringing the House of Judah down!

karutzar likes the discussion The Dilemma of Being Awake 9 hours 55 minutes ago

If you have any doubts left that Trump is just another fake patriot phony, his words at the end of this video will settle them once and for all. ...

odif likes a reply in discussion The Dilemma of Being Awake yesterday
Warning - Cognitive Dissonance

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