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odif added a new comment in Was ist ein Jude? 29 minutes ago

schrumpfköpfiges lügenpack.

odif added a new comment in Was ist ein Jude? 34 minutes ago

oder einfach untermensch

odif added a new comment in Was ist ein Jude? 46 minutes ago

Wie wäre es mit der internationalen clicke der lampenschirme und siefenstückchen.

Thank you rebel for keeping on telling the truth, I suffer the same ostracism and ridicule from friends and loved ones alike. Don`t blindly believe what you think you know, question it and do the research while you still can. And then question it again.

odif shared a photo. 2 hours 44 minutes ago

"Are you sure it`s oxygen"

I just discovered "Deutsche welle", unbelievable disinfo, they probably give lessons to the "BBC"

odif shared a photo. 2 hours 57 minutes ago

Angela ferkel, I won`t suck your blood just like a Rabbi, Honest.

A jew would denounce another jew for profit.

Are you sure your name is not Jerusalem mick

I think his love of his people and willingness to die for his beliefs were inspirational to germans and accounts for a great deal of his success.

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