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rebelofoz shared a photo. 4 hours 44 minutes ago
rebelofoz Minion: Wake up, Jesus, it's time for your return.
Jesus: Aahhh... 2000 years, and my wounds are still hurting. Crucified, tortured, by my own...
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4 hours 41 minutes ago
rebelofoz Funny, but flawed. This cartoon perpetuates the myth that National Socialism was motivated by Christian resentments towards Jews because they killed... Show more 4 hours 37 minutes ago
rebelofoz started a new discussion Problems with Darwin's evoluti... 6 hours 23 minutes ago

Yukon, I agree with you that Hovind and his ilk are full of shit, like all the other kikes, in all their variations, church kikes, temple kikes, mosque kikes etc. However, there are things Darwin's evolution theory cannot explain. Things like how did evolution manage to make marsupials, in one evolutionary step, grow a pouch for their ve...

If you can't see it you are part of the problem. If you can and don't act you deserve to die.

Roland. Ich liebe Deine feuerbeständige Teufel Theorie. Ich kann nicht aufhören zu kichern bei dem Gedanken. Und das beste daran ist, dass die Juden noch nicht dazu gekommen sind, Gesetze zu verabschieden, die es illegal machen, sie als feuerbeständige Teufel zu entlarven. Billiant! Danke auch für D

Is it just me, or does anyone else see similarities to some of my video/essay style articles such as this:

rebelofoz added a new comment in Der Neue Hitler 2 days ago

Fabulous strategy. Witty and effective.

rebelofoz added a video. 2 days ago
Rassismus against Whites

Rassismus against Whites

The racism against white people in the USA is getting ridiculous.

rebelofoz added a video. 2 days ago

Thanks, John Kaminski, for the link

Do U.S. Israeli Dual Citizens Run America's Government?!?

Do U.S. Israeli Dual Citizens Run America's...

In this video we explore a claim that a number of top U.S. Politicians and American Congress Members hold dual U.S./Israeli citizenship. We also discuss why...

rebelofoz added a video. 2 days ago
Adolf Hitler 1932 Speech

Adolf Hitler 1932 Speech

Adolf Hitler ridicules his critics accusing him of intolerance because of his refusal to work with the other 32 parties in partliament.

DE: Und hier mein neuster Leitartikel auf Deutsch.
EN: And here my latest editorial in German.

Rebel of Oz: Der Neue Hitler

Eine Menge Leute in der judenweisen Dissidentenbewegung sehnen sich nach einem neuen Hitler. Aber das nächste Mal wollen sie, dass er weniger weich mit den…

rebelofoz added a new comment in They Live Off of You 2 days ago

The Jews are using the same method the Brits used in Africa and SE Asia. They obviously did not have enough British to police their populated colonies. So imported Indians and Nepalese to do the job. That's why in Hong Kong the Indians are still so hated that they can't even send their kids to priva

rebelofoz added a new comment in They Live Off of You 2 days ago

Great article, Yukon, as always. You can find, embed and download the full film in the featured section of Rebel TV.

My latest editorial:

Rebel of Oz: The New Hitler

A lot of people in the Jew-aware dissident movement are yearning for a new Hitler. Only next time around they want him to be less…

DE: Gern geschehen, Herr Frank. Ich hatte viel Spass beim Schreiben dieses Artikels und seiner Übersetzung. EN: My pleasure, Mr. Frank. I had lots of fun writing this article and translating it.

DE: Hier ist die deutsche Version meines neuesten Leitartikels.
EN: Here is the German version of my latest editorial.

Rebel of Oz: Das äußerst aufschlussreiche jüdische Badeanzug-Paradox

Ich bin gerade auf diesen nicht gerade neuen, aber sehr lustigen und aufschlussreichen Artikel gestoßen. Die wahrscheinlich sehr unattraktive jüdische Authorin beklagte sich (tun die…

Thanks JB Campbell for pointing this out.

"Jade Helm" Logo Wooden Shoe

"Jade Helm" Logo Wooden Shoe

The "Jade Helm" logo has an invisible wooden shoe in the center very concerning as Auschwitz Camps in Nazi Germany used wooden shoes for Jews http://www.paul...

A bit less serious than usual. But the poo is still copping it. I'm very reliable like that.…

Rebel of Oz: The Very Illuminating Jewish Swimsuit Paradox

I’ve just come across this not exactly new, but very funny and revealing article. The most likely unattractive female Jewish writer was complaining (do they…

Yukon Jack's style is rubbing off. And yes, I hate Jews, no matter what the gender. What's there not to hate about them?

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