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Just visited his website Rebel -got a shock !! Guess where his server is based ???? = ICELAND /ISLAND (local pronunciation)

Your right about switching to LInux Rebel -Chris Kitze-founder of ="unseen " encrypted internet server has spoken out against Windows 10 saying its not for the business who wants privacy as it goes OTT in relaying your info back to M$/NSA/GCHQ . Like you he recommends LInux.

duncanlucas started a new discussion Coverage of Intelsat vital to Echelon etc. 5 hours 12 minutes ago

2015-08-04_13_30_36-Detailed_Satellite_Coverage_Maps_html___Tools___Intelsat_-_Yandex.pngBelow is Intelsat Wordwide coverage including Australia Rebel . Also see last picture =government "services "....

duncanlucas started a new discussion The spying just gets worse. 5 hours 25 minutes ago

2015-08-04_13_18_07-Global_Five_Eyes_Spy_System_Bigger_Than_Ever___Sputnik_International_-_Yandex.pngConfirmation our undersea fibre and satellite communications is taken to new levels by our "security services "....

Thanks for that Rebel I will ask them...

They should use the rebel as a platform to organize themselves. The community and forum sections are perfect for that....

rebelofoz added a reply in discussion The long term end of M$ (I hope ) 9 hours 34 minutes ago

Good riddance, Microsoft. However, the ugly truth is that it makes no difference whether your OS comes from Microsoft, Apple or Google. It's as much of a competition as democratic elections or WWF. A horserace where all the horses are owned by the same stable. There is really only one genuine alternative And that's Linux....

2015-08-03_14_18_27-With_Windows_10_Microsoft_has_built_a_fine_sail_but_has_the_ship_already_left_.pngTaken from a business tech. website . I am being blocked from using Firefox in Windows its time this total control system was busted apart !!...

2015-08-03_15_27_13-MailWasherPro.pngI am in contact with this London resistance group who are fighting against eviction to make way for million $$$$ flats in Central London. The Jews destroy the flats to make them un livable THIS IS CAMERON,s JEWISH ACTIONS !!! .Make the poor homeless make the rich millionaires....

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