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On the anniversary of Mel Gibsons -Braveheart he has appeared in the front page of a Scottish newspaper today saying that he woke up the Scots to go for Freedom from the English. I would not deny his film has had a major impact in Scotland and abroad.

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DE: Und hier mein neuster Leitartikel auf Deutsch.
EN: And here my latest editorial in German.

Rebel of Oz: Der Neue Hitler

Eine Menge Leute in der judenweisen Dissidentenbewegung sehnen sich nach einem neuen Hitler. Aber das nächste Mal wollen sie, dass er weniger weich mit den…

rebelofoz added a new comment in They Live Off of You 1 hour 5 minutes ago

The Jews are using the same method the Brits used in Africa and SE Asia. They obviously did not have enough British to police their populated colonies. So imported Indians and Nepalese to do the job. That's why in Hong Kong the Indians are still so hated that they can't even send their kids to priva

odif added a new comment in The New Hitler 1 hour 36 minutes ago

It was not only Hitler, the greatness of the Reich was also the result of the German people who built up their nation, If the jews were normal honest people, they too would have cheered when Hitler kicked out the perverts and bankers, No they just plotted and whined, The greatest asset of the German


Fear based mind control versus Kraft Durch Frede (Strength through joy)
It is not hard to see that these are 2 mindsets that are polar opposites. Unlike Yukon Jack, who identifies the jewish mind virus with the unholy jewish books, I see the problem stemming from the genital mutilation of day old babies. The books are just symptons like Marx, Rothschild, Churchill e.t.c. and is also why Palestinian children are massacred and traumatized, simply to try to install the jewish mind virus.

odif If you can terrorize and torture your 8 day old son, just think what you will do to your enemies, this torture ritual may explain why so many jewish males... Show more 1 hour 46 minutes ago
rebelofoz added a new comment in They Live Off of You 4 hours 34 minutes ago

Great article, Yukon, as always. You can find, embed and download the full film in the featured section of Rebel TV.

My latest editorial:

Rebel of Oz: The New Hitler

A lot of people in the Jew-aware dissident movement are yearning for a new Hitler. Only next time around they want him to be less……

L’idée d’amour dans le fascisme raciste | Leyla de Aragón sur

Notre érotique a pour vocation de fournir à la société fasciste raciste des principes d’action et des règles morales qui seront appelées à être codifiées…

DE: Gern geschehen, Herr Frank. Ich hatte viel Spass beim Schreiben dieses Artikels und seiner Übersetzung. EN: My pleasure, Mr. Frank. I had lots of fun writing this article and translating it.

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