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Dear John,great work! thanks for all you do,i do not use "social media",so can not go to your face book page(to put a like),only one question why does Mankind need another religion?,yes i understand where you arecoming from,imo "Religion" helped get Mankind into this mess,as Religion" (under whatever name) is a tool of the spooks(as they go by many names in this day and age)....

rebelofoz added a reply in discussion Blindlight still doesn't get it 14 hours 32 minutes ago

You are right. His dishonesty of pretending to be some high-strung young, pretty woman, was just a bit much. I should have known better and not given him a third chance. ...

rebelofoz likes a reply in discussion Blindlight still doesn't get it 18 hours 2 minutes ago
duncanlucas added a reply in discussion Blindlight still doesn't get it 18 hours 31 minutes ago

What makes me angry is the fact he slyly gave the impression he was a female while posting naked women thereby creating members to think more leniently about it. I HATE !!!! that I spent all my life fighting against liars backstabbers etc I loath detest them with a vengeance !!! Who in this World lie the most ??? the JEWS its a profession for them . I would rather have ONE TRUE LOYAL friend than 1...

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duncanlucas added a reply in discussion Why a separate Rebel Bank site? 18 hours 44 minutes ago

I think that is wise move you would also put off those that while agreeing with the aim didnt want to be associated with a "full on " reactionary anti-Jewish banking website . While those on Rebel wouldnt mind you rightly have to appeal long term and more subtly to the World population -you out think Mossad in this clever move !...

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rebelofoz started a new discussion Blindlight still doesn't get it yesterday

About a week ago, on JdN's recommendation, I allowed Blindlight back into the Rebel Team, under the username Slave. Since he (!) meanwhile runs his (!) own website, he didn't get his own featured section, as he used to, when he was still pretending to be a cute blonde young woman, but could only post his articles in the guest section, similar to other high profile activists like JdN, Mike King and...

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