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I shouldn't have gone to bed. The machine has come in, but we missed the window for the engineers to perform the upgrade because they had a "final confirmation question" before they went ahead. So now it's scheduled first thing in the morning, at 9am, Atlantic time. That's in 11-12 hours from now. My apologies to my readers and contributing writers. This migration to Iceland is taking way to long. Rowing would have been faster.

24 hours later, nothing has changed as yet. According to the hosting company, their datacentre is still waiting for delivery of the new server for us. But they are on Atlantic time, so their Tuesday has still a few hours to go. In other words there is still hope. Hopefully in the next couple of hours, the server will be delivered and installed, an the Rebel Site is going to be screaming fast.

I think that's the fundamental problem of the Jews. They lie so much, basically every time they open their mouth, they are trapped in some kind of virtual reality where they can no longer distinguish between what's real and what's made up. The sick part about it is that they are caught in their own trap. I reckon they don't even want to know whether their stories are real or whether they made them up. All they care is whether they are "good for the Jews".

ANZAC Day is coming closer and the old RSL folks are out in swarms collecting money selling ribbons saying "Lest we forget". They looked a bit funny when I refused to give them money, as a matter of principal, especially not on ANZAC Day. They asked me why? "Because you Aussies fought on the wrong side. The Germans were the good guys, in both World Wars, not the Poms or the Yanks." You should have seen their faces. "But, but, but...", went one of them, "I'm Jewish and lost family in the Holocaust. How dare you tell me that Hitler and the Germans were the 'good guys'?" Huff and puff. "You know what's most pathetic about you Jews?", I replied. "It's that you believe your own bloody lies."

rebelofoz This reminds me of that joke: How can you tell that a Jew is lying? His mouth is moving. yesterday

Bummer! When I went to bed late last night I was hoping to come back to a site that is SUPER SUPER FAST, opening each page instantly, well kind of, in 1 second, because after all, the server is located half around the world.

To my disappointment, my Icelandic hosting firm got notified by their datacenter outside of Reykjavik that my server will only be commissioned (made ready for installation) on Tuesday, Atlantic time. They are still waiting for delivery of the box. It's quite high end, so they didn't have any spare one in their stationery room.

For the time being, I'll leave the site running with the features disabled that I've identified as the ones murdering the SQL engine of this site (e.g. Rebel TV, Rebel Forum and Rebel Blog). I'll turn them back on as soon as the upgrade is...
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I have just completed Point 5 of my 10 point attack on the church kikes.

10 Points Every Christian Should Know About His Religion

Ever since working out in second grade that Santa was a hoax, I never blindly trusted again any 'beliefs' that were in conflict with nature's…

rebelofoz added a video. 2 days ago

Wow, sounds scary. But it could be just disinformation designed to bully Russia by basically saying, you see, we are serious about nuking you guys, if you don't listen to us.

Top US Commander Capt Heather E Cole Under...


Top US Commander Capt Heather E Cole Under Arrest For Refusing To Fire Nukes At Russia https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xjkrHVlebTQ articles say she refused to comply on 16 March 2015, only 4 days after Titor's predicted date

Visitor numbers have started to recover. There were 3795 visitors by 12:00. So we are still about 20% down from the usual 10,000 daily visitors, but at least no longer 70%-80% as the whole week before.

Excellent read!!!

De-Judification: The Process By Which We Will Survive The Jewish Century.

People must learn how the Jews seized power so that Jewish Power over Gentiles can first be undone and then made to cease until the…

This is exactly the reason why there are historic reports of both dark and fair skinned Khazars. I call them Khazar Huns because they were part of Attila's Huns. There is no such thing as a Hun tribe anyhow, just like there was never a Germanic tribe of the Franks. The Franks were a group of different Germanic tribes, politically united by Karl Martell, the grandfather of Charlemagne (Karl der Grosse), just like the Huns were a group of Mongolian-Turk tribes united by Attila, which explains why Attila still today is a very popular first name amongst Turks. Karl Martell united the Germanic tribes for the purpose of resisting the Moor invasion, consisting of Muslim Arabs and Jewish Berbers. Attila united the Mongolian-Turk tribes for the purpose of raping and pillaging Europe.

The Khazar Huns weren't white orginally. When they first invaded Europe, coming from the grasslands of Mongolia, they were dark skinned like the animals that gang raped every German female between 8 and 80, some of them dozens of times. They were the second wave of Soviet troops, lead and encouraged by Bolshevik Jews. The reason why their skin became whiter was that they force-married East Gothic women when they first settled in Hungary until they got defeated in France and Germany and retreated to the Southern Ukraine.

That is stupid . . . and I am French. Better is to study the bible to understand the psychopathic Hebrews and their EVIL PSYCHOPATHIC GOD YAHWEH = SATAN, so that we can get rid of them and their EVIL YAHWEH = SATAN once for all.

Charley hebrew update
Diuedonne the greatest living french comedian recently recieved a 2 months prison sentence, suspended for tweeting "je me sens charliecoulibaly"
(I feel like charlie coulibaly), mixing charlie hebdo and ahmedi coulibally(coulibaly was involved in a hostage affair on this same day in a kosher supermarket). He also recieved a 5 000 euro fine. In his most recent court case, dieudonne recieved only a 4000 èuro fine for calling manu el blanco valls a semi trisomic mussolini, this was deemed a far less heinious thought crime. The arrogance and stupidity of the tribe knows no bounds. Free speech they shouted, freedom to be a charley.

One other thing all christians should know. The licra (ligue international contre le racism et antisemitism) french version of adl is taking the bible to court for antisemitism. they want to rewrite the bible removing all antisemitic passages.

Free Palestine!

Free Palestine! There is only one solution to the ME problem and that's a Jew-free one-state solution!!! - Rebel of Oz


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