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Israel has said it might take strike action against Iran even if Obommer doesnt approve -Why ? because he now has the backing of a lot of Senators who gave him a standing ovation and one new General says the US must nuke Russia and that a first strike is the strategic choice. It will only take somebody like Clinton to get in the White-House to start it. Various Senators have said Russia has no right holding all that land and resources .

The site now feels a lot better it makes you want to post.

An overwhelming majority of US Republican Senators voted for Israeli Policy to take precedence over US policy thereby making Israeli policy an INTERNAL Policy which superceeds US Public policy .

The website runs a lot better now Rebel more like a normal website. Well done !

IN the community =write a comment there is no icon that says Post only a camera. I have not studied Catholicism and the Vatican very deeply but your comments over the past months made me check up and read books and the history of it. And you know what ??? you are quite right ! I did not know in their drive to remove Russian Orthodoxy that when Stalin asked the UK under Churchill whether Britain would make a pact with him he said . What I did not know was that the Pope had contacted Churchill direct to tell him not to make a pact with Stalin as he wanted Hitler to invade and conquer Russia killing and removing all those who were Russian Orthodoxist so that he could force the Russians that were left to convert to Catholicism .And that when Hitler invaded Russia the Pope was very pleased... Show more

buckster Likes Lest We Forget 1 hour 9 minutes ago
rebelofoz added a reply in discussion Technical problems with Rebel ... 2 hours ago 52 minutes ago

In an attempt to fix the template layout switching problem, I've reinstalled the template, with the effect, that I've lost all my customisations. That is why now the article categories menu has moved back to left of the main content area and is wider, taking up to much real estate on the screen. I'm going to fix it later, my main priority right now...

Another one:

Why Jews lie

“How can you tell when a Jew is lying?” is the start of one of my favourite Jewish jokes. The answer is: “His mouth is…

My latest:

Why History Matters

The other day, John de Nugent and I had a discussion about the reasons why I’m so cynical about religion. He suspects that - in…

rebelofoz Likes Final Days of the Republic 8 hours ago 56 minutes ago

That's probably going to rough up some feathers.

Lest We Forget

ANZAC Day is coming up on 25 March and the old RSL folks are out in swarms. They are collecting money selling ribbons saying 'Lest…

Its a lot quicker getting to the website and turning pages 404 is cured the only thing not working is write a comment . I havent been posting much because of the problems but I hope they are cured now

rebelofoz Where exactly can't you comment, Duncan? Underneath a community status update ("Say what's on you mind..."? My replies to your status updates... Show more 17 hours ago 45 minutes ago
rebelofoz Or are you talking about replying to comments below articles? Or comments below forum posts? I tested both, and it was working fine for me. It took... Show more 17 hours ago 42 minutes ago
rebelofoz added a reply in discussion Now getting -404 .... 22 hours ago 44 minutes ago

Duncan, please let me know if you come across any further problems, like those 404 errors....



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Be A Rebel!

Each month, I invest over 1,000 USD and hundreds of unpaid hours to provide this feisty, 9-year-old Aussie site to 150,000 to 200,000 unique readers from around the world. This is only possible for as long as my readers help me wear the costs. All I need is that each month 1 out of 1,000 readers donates between 50 and 100 USD. Be one of them.

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