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Even if you, #456 rebelofoz, don't believe the fucking bible as I almost don't at 95%, still remains something that gives hope to you and me on the future of USA and UK (at least) which is supposed to happen in a not-so-distant future according to the book of Revelation allegorically speaking. To

John has a point if we just say well it doesnt matter whether we kill torture and maim if we are caught in this life there can be no recriminations. Heaven and hell as portrayed in the bible isnt the truth. If we say we only live one life and then we die and thats it -zero. then it doesnt matter what we do but think we are born -we feel pain therefore we are ,we have to learn to speak and write and learn maths to many thats a pain we have to work -thats a pain we suffer in battle in pain to do that requires a body and you suffer physical pain >It is no different when we die only this time it could be spiritual pain .When we come down here our spirit is the accumulation of our past life experiences and we are born again so that we will gain more wisdom . You may lose the memory of the... Show more

rebelofoz added a video. 7 hours ago 17 minutes ago

BUSH EXPOSES 9/11 TRUTH - Bush Admits to...

I NEED YOUR HELP - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CxGgbkH65mw SUBSCRIBE to ELITE NWO AGENDA http://www.youtube.com/EliteNWOAgenda Bush White House Transcript - web.archive.org/web/20061107225542/http://www.whitehouse.gov/news/releases/2006/09/20060915-2.html BUSH EXPOSES 9/11 TRUTH - Bush Admits to Explosives Used at The World Trade Center on 9/11 September 11th Revisited is perhaps the most riveting film ever made about the destruction of the World Trade Center. This is a powerful documentary which features eyewitness accounts and archived news footage that was shot on September 11, 2001 but never replayed on television. Featuring interviews with eyewitnesses & firefighters, along with expert analysis by Professor Steven E. Jones, Professor David Ray Griffin, MIT Engineer Jeffrey King,...

rebelofoz added a new comment in Meet the 'Heroic' Bomber-Boys Who Saved Europe 8 hours ago 9 minutes ago

What a shame that "hell" is just another Hyksos/Khazar/Berber hoax. Because if there was, those psychopathic war criminals would burn in in eternity. So I just hope that those terror bombing bastards have nightmares every night with the smouldering faces of their victims staring at them and screamin

johndenugent Well, how do you KNOW hell is a hoax? I assert it is not a hoax at all, though it is not eternal as Catholics claim (but not Muslims or Buddhists,... Show more 7 hours ago 49 minutes ago
rebelofoz Sometimes I wish it wasn't. But then again, the Hyksos invented it, so it MUST be a lie. 7 hours ago 24 minutes ago

Because, coarsely on average, wind/air moves ALWAYS from west to east in the northern hemisphere = FIRST REASON. Then, for some reason related to the position of the continents, hot/warm wind/air hits and heats the western coasts, FIRST, and then proceeds in the interior up until half way where,

My latest. Not really about puppies, but Jew know who I'm really talking about, right?

Puppy School

Wouff, wouff, everyone. Today’s lesson is not about easy stuff like not pooing on the floor or not digging holes in the lawn. You already…

Very pleased with the speed of the site now Rebel it does make a difference when you think of posting knowing you wait and wait and sometimes dont get through .Keep up the good work !

rebelofoz I'm still working on a couple of minor technical problems, the pesky layout style switching problem and that the site switches to English when you... Show more 15 hours ago 50 minutes ago

Thats the fastest time for clicking Rebel and arriving here the site is acting like a normal site now.

Yukon added a new comment in History Matters yesterday

What right does any adult have teaching their god views to children? The idea that you find god in a book is absurd. And what if you teach a book about god that is written by Jews? Disaster. Any thinking or rational person would immediately reject Yahweh as something deserving worship, unless you are an uncaring psychopath who's into the blood lust of Jewish predation. Any person of high vibration automatically rejects the Jewish construct of god. Love does not judge. Yahweh appeals to people in low vibration, those that are in ego or racist consciousness, Yahweh allows the hater to hate without guilt. Never give in Rebel, religion is the evil by it's very nature. Organized religion is how the masses are diverted from god and made slaves by the state. Religion drives people away from the divine, I don't know about anyone else, but I do know that in my own experience I rejected the god of my forefathers and now I stand victorious in my convictions. The Jew God is an imposter of the divine, finding god in the Holy Bible is a death sentence to the self. America and the rest of the western world has been brought into the gates of hell and destroyed from within with 100% support of 42,000 different Christian denominations. Every Christian Zionist is still a full supporter of Israel. What more evidence does any mind need? Christianity is guilty of aiding and abetting the complete destruction of the human soul, they reached for heaven by belief in the Jew Bible and the Jewish Christ and only fell deeper into hell. I will stand up and state my truth until the end of this bad play. Christians are Gentiles converted to Judaism, Jews are devils in the flesh, and no Jesus ever existed or is coming back to save any Christian, no Christian will ever be Raptured or brought closer to god, or miss what they have created with their god forsaken beliefs of a dead Jew on the cross. Christianity is the biggest deception of all time, dwarfing the Federal Reserve or Holocaust conspiracies. All three are Jewish creations. What does that tell you about the Jew, his creations are lies. The Jew is literally the devil. If Christians were of god (of truth) they would immediately accept the idea that Israel did 911, but down to the man they don't. There's the truth about them laid bare by a single false flag attack, a blatant controlled demolition. A Christian can not accept the truth, because their religion makes their mind suspend reality and reject truth and favor the Jewish simulated construct of reality.

They EU is now being forced to accept GMO -Devil food because of the US trade agreement which in reality is a US takeover of the EU . Obommer said yesterday that there can be only one business trade policy in the World that is American,s BUT who owns ya baby ?? why your boss Nutteryahu in World Headquarters in Tel Aviv -ISRAEL.

Facebook is now putting cookies on your browser even if you havent an account with them it follows you around the web noting where you visit . What makes it more of a problem is that a company cookie called a "Fried Cookie" is also used . Guess where the company headquarters are -Good thinking ! thats right Tel Aviv and just like a typical jew they are full of trojans pups etc. They obviously think they can do anything to Goyim and get away with it . And they will if the US/UK introduce ant-Semitism laws that Nutteryahu wants to have written into law and who is going to stop him when Israel owns the US and UK and EU. Even my spelling corrector is Jewish I typed it with a small s and it made it a large S.

rebelofoz The Jews "own" Internet "security". As far as IT jobs is concerned you got to be Indian to be even invited for an interview, and dual Israeli... Show more 12 hours ago 42 minutes ago

Israel has said it might take strike action against Iran even if Obommer doesnt approve -Why ? because he now has the backing of a lot of Senators who gave him a standing ovation and one new General says the US must nuke Russia and that a first strike is the strategic choice. It will only take somebody like Clinton to get in the White-House to start it. Various Senators have said Russia has no right holding all that land and resources .

The site now feels a lot better it makes you want to post.

Free Palestine!

Free Palestine! There is only one solution to the ME problem and that's a Jew-free one-state solution!!! - Rebel of Oz


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Even if you, #456 rebelofoz, don't believe the fucking bible as I almost don't at 95%, still remains...
What a shame that "hell" is just another Hyksos/Khazar/Berber hoax. Because if there was, those psyc...
Because, coarsely on average, wind/air moves ALWAYS from west to east in the northern hemisphere = F...
Jews suck. There won't be any redemption without all Jews being gone. It's time to create a #WorldWi...
Not really about puppies, but Jew know who I'm talking about, right?

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