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I think the blueprint is usa, the jews do not want to see the repeat of someone like hitler the great, so they bring in as many foreigners as possible, that way when europeans are woken up, it will be to late for them, they will be unable to vote for their own people, thus the pedocrats will always

rebelofoz added a reply in discussion Chat feature... 1 hour 48 minutes ago

On my deadly serious mission to bring the page opening time on the Rebel Site under 1.5 seconds, I discovered that the current version of the chat feature was one of the prime reasons for the slowness of the Rebel Site. It's got to do with the programming of the JavaScripts used by the component. I've contacted the vendor about the problem and aske...

rebelofoz What happened, WildWilly? First you liked the article, then you unliked it again. Did you get upset about something in it? 2 hours ago 31 minutes ago
WildWilly Likes A giant cloud of fear 4 hours ago 8 minutes ago
rebelofoz added a reply in discussion Server optimisation... 5 hours ago 39 minutes ago

The Rebel Site is much faster now with the new template and all the caching and compression work I've done. I'm much closer now to achieving my goal of getting the pages to open in under 1.5 seconds. Let's hope the site is not going to play up again. If you notice anything, for example login problems, forms not working, or images not showing, pleas...

Due to serious JavaScript-related technical difficulties with the old template, getting in the way of speed-optimising the server, I have decided to upgrade to a newer. magazine-style template. The configuration work should keep me busy most of next week.

rebelofoz added a video. yesterday

Did These Swedish Cops School The NYPD?

Four vacationing Swedish police officers subdued a fight on an NYC subway while waiting for the NYPD to arrive. One brawler held down by a Swedish officer screamed “I can't breathe,” but many people are commending the officers on their non-violent takedown. Subscribe for more videos: http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCV3Nm3T-XAgVhKH9jT0ViRg?sub_confirmation=1 Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ajplusenglish Download the AJ+ app at http://www.ajplus.net/ Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/ajplus

rebelofoz added a new comment in Good Luck Hillary, Don't Blow It 2 days ago

Yukon, your sense of humour is right down my alley.

Sorry about this. The site was working beautifully last night at 5am when I went to bed. But this morning it had gone wonky all over again. Website optimisation is extremely fiddly and frustrating because sometimes improvements you make on one side cause problems somewhere else. The worst part about it is that those unwanted side effects don't always become apparent immediately due to caching.

Okay guys, I've worked 22 hours straight on website optimisation, I can't keep my burning eyes open for any longer. Good night.

If anyone has problems posting status updates or replies on here, please shoot an email to support@therebel.org or post a ticket on the Rebel Forum's support section.

Adam H He said naught about how that same German soldier ran messages for the duration of that jew shitfight.....4 fuckn' years! 2 days ago
Adam H I'll tell you something else. A celebrated movie with O'l mate Mel Gibson is about runners for Aus through the trenches of Galip. So they can fuck... Show more 2 days ago
Adam H I told you's 6 months ago what would happen. 2 days ago
Broiler added a new comment in Race Mixing 2 days ago

A five star editorial!

Free Palestine!

Free Palestine! There is only one solution to the ME problem and that's a Jew-free one-state solution!!! - Rebel of Oz


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I think the blueprint is usa, the jews do not want to see the repeat of someone like hitler the grea...
Yukon, your sense of humour is right down my alley.
I love this piece you've composed.

Jews, "self-hating" as we often describe them, might long for ...
The solutions to all problems of any significance: a #WorldWithoutJews (church kike and mosque kike ...

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