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  • ego-te-absolvo replied to a comment in 10 Points Every Christian Should Know About His Religion
    1 hour 43 minutes ago

    That is stupid . . . and I am French. Better is to study the bible to understand the psychopathic Hebrews and their EVIL PSYCHOPATHIC GOD YAHWEH = SATAN, so that we can get rid of them and their EVIL YAHWEH = SATAN once for all.

  • odif
    1 hour 58 minutes ago

    Charley hebrew update
    Diuedonne the greatest living french comedian recently recieved a 2 months prison sentence, suspended for tweeting "je me sens charliecoulibaly"
    (I feel like charlie coulibaly), mixing charlie hebdo and ahmedi coulibally(coulibaly was involved in a hostage affair on this same day in a kosher supermarket). He also recieved a 5 000 euro fine. In his most recent court case, dieudonne recieved only a 4000 èuro fine for calling manu el blanco valls a semi trisomic mussolini, this was deemed a far less heinious thought crime. The arrogance and stupidity of the tribe knows no bounds. Free speech they shouted, freedom to be a charley.

  • odif added a new comment in 10 Points Every Christian Should Know About His Religion
    2 hours ago 12 minutes ago

    One other thing all christians should know. The licra (ligue international contre le racism et antisemitism) french version of adl is taking the bible to court for antisemitism. they want to rewrite the bible removing all antisemitic passages.

  • ego-te-absolvo added a new comment in 10 Points Every Christian Should Know About His Religion
    2 hours ago 35 minutes ago

    Khazars were White Eastern European types. Perhaps a very very few mixed with Jews. Huns were White Eastern European types. Perhaps a very very few mixed with Jews. Turkeys were White Eastern European types. Perhaps a very very few mixed with Jews.

  • Angelo has a new avatar.
  • duncanlucas
    4 hours ago 59 minutes ago

    The RAF are now doing "intensive" training due to the possible war with Russia. The wee puppy dog thinks it can beat the Russian bear -no chance ! It typical of a dog barking to protect its master Obommer who,s master now admitted by the US Congress and House of Representatives is---- NUTTERYAHU they have admitted it in recent news as Israel is now US -INTERNAL policy . So,as the Jews run the WTO-World Banksters - IMF etc and they want more Jewish profit -called that because to implement it means the deaths of millions of World citizens . I think Cameron will fire a nuke at Russia from a sub at present as I said before the "Alert " action posted in army/navy/airforce barracks etc isnt much short of WAR . This is hinging on also whether IRAN can get the sanctions lived if NOT then war with Iran will surely come from Niutteryahu,s army of US -GI,s Never in the last 40 years has an all-out nuke war so near and the UK and US 99 % are being kept in the dark ! Wake up UK you will "be toast " when Russian nukes flatten you wake up US your Jewish leaders want to go toe-to-toe with nukes with Russia "duck and dive " doesnt work with nukes all that will be left of your body is an impression on a wall ,thats right TOTAL annihilation and multi millions dying slowly in great pain over weeks and months -ALL FOR THAT EVIL STATE OF ISRAEL ! are you willing to sacrifice your life for a Jewish MADMAN who by any standards is Paranoiac with schizophrenic tendencies 1000s of psychiatrists Worldwide agree !

  • duncanlucas
    5 hours ago 20 minutes ago

    Yes Rebel its a lot quicker now its just like a poster complains on a help website that his PC is slowing down but is running it with all his apps running from boot up . Okay if you don't have many programs and okay if you have a 4 core i7 Intel processor running at least 3.5 G

  • rebelofoz
    8 hours ago 53 minutes ago

    The Rebel Site seems much happier now since I have disabled all non-critical features such as Rebel TV, Rebel Forum, Rebel Blog, and the Shopping Cart. The current server just cannot cope with all those features enabled, so I will leave them turned off until I've upgraded the server tomorrow to a much more powerful machine, provided I get in the 100 EUR needed for the upgrade on time. After the upgrade the whole site should be MUCH faster. I expect all pages to open in 1-5 seconds, even with Rebel TV, Rebel Forum, Rebel Blog, the Shopping Cart etc turned back on again.

  • rebelofoz
    18 hours ago 54 minutes ago

    UPDATE: After disabling all non-mission-critical extensions without getting rid of the time-out errors (error 502 and 504), I have gone ahead with the upgrade I talked about in my previous post. It is scheduled for installation on Monday/Tuesday night Atlantic time. Expect speed! Now I "just" need to find the 100 EUR I must pay on Monday for the upgrade to go ahead.

  • rebelofoz

    It appears to be the same problem I used to have with the old server, running fine for a while and then suddenly freeze. Only with the new server it happens quicker, sometimes only minutes after a restart, not hours or days. It might be simply an extension/plugin that's badly written and is putting a lot of strain on the database server. The new server is better than the old one in the sense that it's got twice the amount of RAM and heaps faster drives, plus it's got DDoS protection, which is a big plus with this kind of site. But its raw processing power is slightly lower, which is why I didn't have to pay more than for the old server. When I signed up both the hosting firm and I expected the Rebel site to be faster on the new server, and indeed it's faster for a while but then suddenly runs out of puff. If I can't find out till Monday which extension/plugin is murdering the database engine, I'll have no choice but upgrade to a box with even more CPU power than the old server, thus increasing my monthly expenses by another 100 EUR.

  • rebelofoz

    It will be fixed by Tuesday at the very latest.

  • duncanlucas

    I have been unable to reach Rebel for the past few days it is down then up and down again . I see you have had some problems I expect any new thing has a while to get going correctly . Your right for a day or so it ran fast then I kept getting the old server DoS attack of long wait and then blank . Hope you can fix it Rebel !

  • rebelofoz

    My apologies for all the server problems. The server runs superfast for a while but then suddenly comes to a grinding hold and needs a restart. I have several people working on this problem checking the configuration and logs for hints what exactly is the problem. Right now it looks like there might be something wrong with the server hardware. If we can't find anything else we'll replace the server on Monday/Tuesday night.

  • rebelofoz added a video.
    2 days ago
    Russisches TV berichtet über die Kanzlerakte (2015)
    Russisches TV berichtet über die Kanzlerakte (2015) 00:00

    23 Januar 2015. Russlands Staatssender "Erster Kanal" berichtet den Russen über: die Kanzlerakte, geheimen Staatsvertrag zwischen USA und BRD, fehlende Souveränität Deutschlands, NSA und Abhörskandal von Merkels Handy, von den USA kontrollierte deutsche Medien und deutsche Goldreserven, Gerd-Helmut Komossa und sein Buch "Die deutsche Karte", Freihandelsabkommen mit den USA TTIP und den Ukraine-Krieg. Im Video werden kurz die Auftritte von Jürgen Elsässer und Sahra Wagenknecht gezeigt. Quelle (1.30 - 12.30) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wCLUIo2uwgA

    For my German readers.

  • apptha uploaded a video.
    2 days ago

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