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We've been through this before. It doesn't matter who you vote for. Because whoever becomes the next U.S. president, the one thing he or she is certain to do is kill innocent people for Israel. And the worst of it is, our next president will kill Americans for Israel, as presidents have done ever since the days Woodrow Wilson sent Americans to die in World War I, right after the Jews created the Federal Reserve and took over the U.S. for real.

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Ultimately, human civilization will come crashing down because of the lies humans have told themselves. As T. S. Eliot predicted, the crash will occur not as the result of some apocalyptic catastrophe, but rather from the disappearance of commonplace things like the water and air needed to keep us alive. You might remember his phrase: not with a bang, but with a whimper.

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When I first heard that ex-Gen. Wesley Clark was calling for the indefinite detainment of people who disagreed with the policies of the U.S. government, I immediately called my travel agent. OK, they don't have travel agents anymore, but he imagines he's one. If the government was going to arrest everyone who opposed what it was doing, I would definitely need to hightail it out of here.

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To those with the ability to actually think for themselves — and not simply parrot the conclusions of others because this copycat reasoning is apt to produce the most immediate short term social credibility — it should be crystal clear by now that the chief cause of strife in the world is the United States of America and its uninterrupted practice of inventing false reasons to invade other countries in order to steal their assets.

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A world with no future — only lies, swindles and endless murder. Life is cheap and getting cheaper by the minute. You have no solution to what is going on in the world. Everyone is trapped in economic quicksand. The hideous sound of panic in your brain as you try to calculate what will happen in the days to come prevents coherent thinking. This is what the so-called governments want to happen. As long as people remain blind to the ugly fictions being imposed on us, there's no way to stop them.

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At this point in time, the myth of the United States of America as a good and decent country has been pretty much vaporized by the constant betrayal of its own citizens and its neverending attacks on the rest of the world. I mean, with a leadership that supervised the demolition of its two tallest buildings as a pretext for making war on the world, abandoned its own people by deliberately sending most of its jobs overseas, and lastly, is about to round up and dispose of all its dissenters in the name of falsified terror threats, how could anyone with a functioning brain lend any degree of support to this political monster in Washington that is clearly and deliberately eating its own tail?

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There is no good reason for the government to charge taxes. It's a form of legalised daylight robbery by a bunch of protection racket thugs who have fooled people into believing they were "ligit".

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There is a machine that creates money out of thin air. It’s the equivalent of the goose that lays golden eggs. Unfortunately the people who own it, only use it for their selfish interests, to the sole benefit of the 1%.

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Rebel of Oz's appearance on the "Free American" Clayton Douglas' radiashow. Rebel of Oz explains to a worldwide audience details of his plans to overthrow the Jewish world order with a surprisingly simple and feasible plan for a "bad for the Jews" Goyim Bank.

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This is my legacy to the dissident community. I am being prevented both from sending and receiving emails and even from accessing my site. From a Jewish point of view, this is impeccable timing. I call it a Jewincidence, that is a “coincidence” that is “good for the Jews”. It all happened right at the time when I was about to properly launch my “money weaponising” project. The Jews must be really scared.

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Why is there so much poverty and suffering on this plentiful planet? Jew you know why? Because in this upside-down virtual reality, I call the Jewniverse, they have turned us all into virtual slaves.

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When thinking about what makes humans different from animals, two things come first to my mind: fire and money. Fire gives us warmth during winter, light at night and protection against wild animals and enemies. Money gives us the ability of exchanging goods and services, enabling us to leverage on our special skills.

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gay jew lesbians kissing in gay pride parade Tel Aviv

A Torah following Jew stabs some flaming liberal rainbow gay Jews, boo hoo.  For a nation to claim moral superiority over all others, making constant demands on us, ain't it funny how Israel is full of homos?   The holey land has a new meaning.

Ultra-Orthodox Jew Yishai Schlissel walks through a Gay Pride parade and is just about to pull a knife from under his coat and start stabbing people in Jerusalem, Thursday, July 30, 2015. Schlissel was recently released from prison after serving a term for stabbing several people at a gay pride parade in 2005, a police spokeswoman said.(AP Photo/Sebastian Scheiner)
Ultra-Orthodox Jew Yishai Schlissel walks through a Gay Pride parade and is just about to pull a knife from under his coat and start stabbing gay faggots in Jerusalem, Thursday, July 30, 2015. Horrified by the plethora of immoral drug using sexual deviants infesting his nation, this hero decides to take positive action in a Zionist controlled world of sexual depravity.

Did you know that Tel Aviv is now the world's number one gay destination?  Christian preachers (which nearly all of them are closet gays) take note, there's another reason to go to Israel.  After visiting the birth place of your fictional Jewish savior, after dark you can run over to any of the numerous Tel Aviv gay bars and get your sexual fantasies fulfilled.

The hypocrisy of the American Zionist Christians knows no end, oh they oh so love the holy land and deride the abomination of gays in America.  Televangelists Bible thumpers scream the downfall of the nation is due to homosexuality and abortion, but fail to see that it is all Jewish in origin.  Jews are the holy chosen ones, except in Israel where they are most unholy, where illicit sex, abortion, human organs, and chopped baby parts for sale abounds.

televangelist christian preacher ted haggard prays to his jew god for cowboy butt

Doesn't it seem inevitable that gay Jews would be stabbed by Orthodox Jews?  Jews have been killing each other since Cain and Able, it is a long tradition that we should encourage.

Are we suppossed to feel bad when Jews are killed?  How about when gays are killed?  What about gay Jews being killed, doesn't that sound like a good thing?  Christian America should give Orthodox Jews free knives instead of Patriot Missiles.  In fact I say we fly C-130's over Tel Aviv and drop but loads of knives so Orthodox crazies can kill more gays.

abe foxman and joe biden gay faggots

I don't know about you, but I am glad that someone stabbed some gays. Jews love to kill Jews, the Old Testament is full of stories of Jews killing Jews that worshipped another god or golden cow.  We should encourage Jews to keep their tradition of killing each other because the math is good for our side.

What is the new math for Jews stabbing Jews?

Jews - Gay Jew = Less Jews

Do you understand how sick gay pride is?  No gay should feel pride for being gay.  Gays shouldn't be allowed show their pride.  Russia has banned bay pride parades, good for them, they are on the path back toward monogamy and more white Russians

Only in sick countries, countries controlled by liberal Jews can you walk in a parade down main street and show your ass and gay pride.  Sick.  Amerika is sick to allow gay pride parades and other countries the people are starting to wake up and do something about this Jewish disease infecting their countries.

Moscow, Russia, 28/05/2011. Russian nationalists kick and punch a gay rights demonstrator holding a rainbow flag at an attempted gay pride parade in central Moscow. Several dozen people were arrested during clashes as Russian nationalists attacked gay rights activists during their sixth attempt to hold a gay pride parade in the Russian capital.
Moscow, Russia, 28/05/2011.
Russian nationalists kick and punch a gay rights demonstrator holding a rainbow flag at an attempted gay pride parade in central Moscow. Several dozen people were arrested during clashes as Russian nationalists attacked gay rights activists during their sixth attempt to hold a gay pride parade in the Russian capital.  Real men in Russia doing something about gay Jewish perversion infesting their nation.

In Russia, real men are starting to kick ass and beat the shit out of gay faggots walking down main street, but in Amerika, land of the pussified red neck slaves, they do nothing.  If you want real freedom and heterosexuality, it ain't in the land of the free no longer.

look to nature to know correct sexual orientation, not jews

The Holy Bible is a terrorist training manual, it is full of terroristic threats. These threats are aimed at you, they are meant to scare you into submission.  Intimidation is the number one tactic of Jews, and is used frequently by Jewish defense organizations when they claim a terrorist threat is imminent - the one they are sponsoring.

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If anyone wants to know how words and concepts can kill, especially with Jews in control of the mass media, look no further than how the Global Warming meme is being used to shut down the coal industry by Obama.  There is only one word for this, genocide, Obama is committing long term genocide on the American people based on the unproven Global Warming meme.

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Jesus can't make it back because he never existed, he was never here in the first place.  Myth can not appear in the heavens and descend to your rescue. Jesus is not coming on a White horse with a golden sword coming out of his mouth, such imagery is allegorical, not real.  But oh how Christians believe this myth, even in this age of reason and science, Christians are still believing this retarded myth and damning the world in the process.

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I am dismayed by prolific VT writer Jonas E. Alexis  recent essay entitled No U.S. President Can Stomach Benjamin NetanyahuHis rewrite of Zachary Keck's essay of the same title does not go far enough, although both writers should be commended for taking on Bibi's bullshit antics.

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The unevolved Jewish soul is leading humanity to a specie extinction event.  Jews, stuck in ego consciousness, are pursuing technology that will crush the human spirit and push us into a transhuman future.  Do we really want to go there or we are being pushed by the Jewish World Order into extinction as we madly pursue debt payments?

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The Greek people’s efforts to end the economic depression, recover their sovereignty and reverse the regressive socio-economic policies, which have drastically reduced living standards, have been thrice denied.

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Kid ACTOR John Christian Graas on Star Trek & "Charleston church massacre" ACTOR "Dylann Storm Roof," the SUPPOSEDLY violent white Southern male WN who supposedly gunned down nine black folks at their Charleston, South Carolina church on June 16....

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Warning - Cognitive Dissonance

Free Palestine!

Free Palestine! There is only one solution to the ME problem and that's a Jew-free one-state solution!!! - Rebel of Oz

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