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We live in the dark, convinced by our public media and our insincere leaders that we are heroes and freedom fighters. In reality the opposite is true: we are the plunderers, the ravagers, deceiving ourselves to do the dirty work of the manipulators who have twisted our minds with trinkets and false accounts of the people we kill and the countries we ruin in order to steal their treasures.

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This is the fact we can’t get straight. One side — one entity, one organization — funds BOTH sides in all the wars.

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It occurred to me the other day when I heard some paid off shill politician refer to Iran as the leading exporter of terror in the Middle East what a baldfaced lie that was. It was so typical of what Americans tell the world, and tell each other, as they live in their fictitious view of reality in which they — while committing an endless series of audacious and despicable crimes — consider themselves the heroes and everybody else outlaws.

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We see the signs all around us. They are impossible to ignore. Taken to their logical conclusion, these ominous trends show that many of us are soon to be killed, erased by a monstrous mindset that is corrupt to its core and specializes in killing large numbers of people for reasons that are always phony.

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We've been through this before. It doesn't matter who you vote for. Because whoever becomes the next U.S. president, the one thing he or she is certain to do is kill innocent people for Israel. And the worst of it is, our next president will kill Americans for Israel, as presidents have done ever since the days Woodrow Wilson sent Americans to die in World War I, right after the Jews created the Federal Reserve and took over the U.S. for real.

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Ultimately, human civilization will come crashing down because of the lies humans have told themselves. As T. S. Eliot predicted, the crash will occur not as the result of some apocalyptic catastrophe, but rather from the disappearance of commonplace things like the water and air needed to keep us alive. You might remember his phrase: not with a bang, but with a whimper.

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From time to time I get asked why I believe that the Jews are lying about the Holocaust. After all, they argue, if they lied about it, it would be such a gigantic lie, that if found out, it would do enormous damage to the Jewish people. Apart from being utterly immoral, why would the Jews be so crazy to take such a huge risk?

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What are you supposed to do if you are unfortunate enough to be awake? When you realise that our world is being ruled by monsters, that our establishment has been taken over by hostile aliens, hell-bent to kill or enslave us all? When you figure that we are being deliberately poisoned and dumbed down? Are you going to pretend that nothing is happening and hope for the best? Are you going to warn your family, friends and neighbours or rather remain silent for fear of the consequences? Are you going to be a traitor and join the enemy, hoping to get a nice share of the loot and be spared? Or are you going to do the right thing and resist as well as you possibly can?

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There is no good reason for the government to charge taxes. It's a form of legalised daylight robbery by a bunch of protection racket thugs who have fooled people into believing they were "ligit".

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There is a machine that creates money out of thin air. It’s the equivalent of the goose that lays golden eggs. Unfortunately the people who own it, only use it for their selfish interests, to the sole benefit of the 1%.

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This is my legacy to the dissident community. I am being prevented both from sending and receiving emails and even from accessing my site. From a Jewish point of view, this is impeccable timing. I call it a Jewincidence, that is a “coincidence” that is “good for the Jews”. It all happened right at the time when I was about to properly launch my “money weaponising” project. The Jews must be really scared.

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Why is there so much poverty and suffering on this plentiful planet? Jew you know why? Because in this upside-down virtual reality, I call the Jewniverse, they have turned us all into virtual slaves.

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What is God's will as defined by the Holy Bible?  In this essay I will assert that it is the will of the Jew. The Holy Bible is the greatest deception in all of literature, because the priest convinced billions of people that God has will, and will judge you unless you obey his will.

In the previous essay I examined that the God out there isn't out there and that God is an inward experience in one's own consciousness and that the Jewish priest was attempting to hijack that experience by aligning your will with the will of the court and the priest.


There is no hell and no afterlife judgment.  These are terrible ideas born of power hungry priests using fear of death to manipulate your mind.  Since humans are self aware they are worried about death. The fear of not existing is the driving force behind religion - the priest convinces you that you don't die when you die.

The sales job of the priest is to promise heaven but only under certain conditions.  The priest says you must obey his god or some await a terrible fate - the judgment of a willful god that the priest describes in his holy book.  This threat of hell is not real, but it is how the priest captures the fearful sheep into his fold.

This is a critical point that must be discussed, religions insist you must obey God's will and that this external God has a plan for you.  But there is no external God, God isn't out there, that was only an illusion we entertained as we awoke in the matrix.  Everything changes once you see that God is part of you and is your inward experience.


You are interacting with the Universe via your consciousness.  This communication is your conversation with God.  This being isn't Jesus or Jehovah or any other invented God.  It is you, it is your higher consciousness regardless of the label assigned to it.

Your will is God's will unless you believe the lies of the Jew Bible, where you align with the will of the priest/state by believing that an external God has a plan for you.  This is the real hell that you can experience as you give up your own life for the murdering Jew psychopaths and their nation-states they control.

So what are the Christians doing when they pray to Jesus and say they want to implement his will?  Since Jesus doesn't exist, who's will are they actually aligning with?  They are aligned with their interpretation of Bible text and thus aligned with the writer of that text, the Jewish priest.





Christians are organized Gentiles helping put Jewish control over everyone - including all those who don't believe, who do not like authority and love freedom.  There is no escaping the logic - the Holy Bible is the enemy of freedom and thus the enemy of what America used to stand for - liberty.

So for all those patriots and freedom lovers that want to escape Jewish control, it is imperative to not believe the Holy Bible literal. It is important to be aware the Holy Bible is a tool of the priest to achieve dominion over you and to get political power.  The Bible is the enemy of your freedom.


Why does the king commission the new translation of the Bible?  Because the Bible is used for getting and keeping political power, it is the tool of the priest now being used by the king for the same purpose, the Holy Bible is a tool for aligning the will of the individual with the will of the state, the Holy Bible establishes external authority in your mind and allow the king to rule unchallenged.

Furthermore, the American experiment of freedom is being challenged because of Biblical belief.  Why is the land of freedom - now hell?  Bible and Jews.  Millions upon millions of American Christians are worshipping the Jewish God and allowing the rise of Jewish power in America.

In order to save America the Holy Bible must go.  There can be no compromise, either we are free or we are slaves of the priest.  Which is it for you?  Are you free, with free will, or are you a cog in the Jew death machine?  Do you own your mind and live to experience your own destiny, or are you another Christian Borg in love with Israel and the God of the Jews?


Science has completely overturned our understanding of the Universe.  Everything we used to think was absolute truth, like the sun going around the earth, has been changed to a new viewpoint.  Unfortunately, science has yet to overturn religion, and much of humanity is still stuck in primitive thinking about the God meme.  This essay will examine the true nature of God, that can be scientifically examined for accuracy.

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You've heard of the God Meme, what about the Meme of God?  There is a slight difference, if I reverse god and meme I get a reversal of that energy, and that will help break the spell of the Jew that has White man's consciousness in lockdown.

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If there is real black magic performed by Christians then it is their prophetic spellbinding effects of their Book of Revelation, the last damnation on us by the Holy Bible.  It is not prophecy - it is a curse and when you see it, you'll be shocked to your very core!

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I live in a Christian College town  (a 'University' if you can call it that since no one actually studies any discipline) and to my fortune as a writer I get to talk to these Holy Spirit driven lunatics on a regular basis.  They have no idea of who I am and that my discussions with them are fuel for these Christian expose'.

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Hurricanes are driven by solar heating and water vapor acts as the heat transmission gas, CO2 is not a factor and if you removed all CO2 from planet earth then hurricanes would form exactly the same way, in the same intensity, and same frequency.  The claim that Global Warming by CO2 is increasing the number and intensity of hurricanes is completely false.

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There was a major explosion in Dongying China. This would be the third explosion. This one was as bad as the huge one at Tianjin and was felt 50 KM away. Of extreme interest here: The Tianjin blast happened at 11:30 PM. This blast happened at 11:28 PM. These blasts happened within two minutes of each other on the clock. So I am calling it, once is an accident, twice is coincidence and three times is enemy action, and with the subtle message being delivered which is: same time of night so you over there in China know this was US, and no accident. I have no doubt this is aggression against China.

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In the run-up to the U.S. elections in November 2016, we can see that discussion of 9-11 truth is so bothersome to some people that it is completely banned in two very powerful realms of society:  the media and politics.

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It was the "outside-of-the-box", creative genius of Adams, Ford, Edison, Pound, Fischer and Solzhenitsyn that enabled them to clearly see "the big picture."

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Justice for the 1400 English children raped by muslims in Rotherham with the full approval of the British Jews

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Carroll Quigley on why Arabs, the founders of Islam, are violent, primitive monsters

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For some reason, the deliberately-injected moral and mental cancer known as 'liberalism', aka 'progressivism' has always seemed to metastasize faster in the Nordic countries, particularly Scandinavian ones. This phenomenon is also observable among the American descendants of Scandinavian immigrants in places like Minnesota and Wisconsin.

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