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We've been through this before. It doesn't matter who you vote for. Because whoever becomes the next U.S. president, the one thing he or she is certain to do is kill innocent people for Israel. And the worst of it is, our next president will kill Americans for Israel, as presidents have done ever since the days Woodrow Wilson sent Americans to die in World War I, right after the Jews created the Federal Reserve and took over the U.S. for real.

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Ultimately, human civilization will come crashing down because of the lies humans have told themselves. As T. S. Eliot predicted, the crash will occur not as the result of some apocalyptic catastrophe, but rather from the disappearance of commonplace things like the water and air needed to keep us alive. You might remember his phrase: not with a bang, but with a whimper.

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When I first heard that ex-Gen. Wesley Clark was calling for the indefinite detainment of people who disagreed with the policies of the U.S. government, I immediately called my travel agent. OK, they don't have travel agents anymore, but he imagines he's one. If the government was going to arrest everyone who opposed what it was doing, I would definitely need to hightail it out of here.

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To those with the ability to actually think for themselves — and not simply parrot the conclusions of others because this copycat reasoning is apt to produce the most immediate short term social credibility — it should be crystal clear by now that the chief cause of strife in the world is the United States of America and its uninterrupted practice of inventing false reasons to invade other countries in order to steal their assets.

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A world with no future — only lies, swindles and endless murder. Life is cheap and getting cheaper by the minute. You have no solution to what is going on in the world. Everyone is trapped in economic quicksand. The hideous sound of panic in your brain as you try to calculate what will happen in the days to come prevents coherent thinking. This is what the so-called governments want to happen. As long as people remain blind to the ugly fictions being imposed on us, there's no way to stop them.

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At this point in time, the myth of the United States of America as a good and decent country has been pretty much vaporized by the constant betrayal of its own citizens and its neverending attacks on the rest of the world. I mean, with a leadership that supervised the demolition of its two tallest buildings as a pretext for making war on the world, abandoned its own people by deliberately sending most of its jobs overseas, and lastly, is about to round up and dispose of all its dissenters in the name of falsified terror threats, how could anyone with a functioning brain lend any degree of support to this political monster in Washington that is clearly and deliberately eating its own tail?

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There is no good reason for the government to charge taxes. It's a form of legalised daylight robbery by a bunch of protection racket thugs who have fooled people into believing they were "ligit".

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There is a machine that creates money out of thin air. It’s the equivalent of the goose that lays golden eggs. Unfortunately the people who own it, only use it for their selfish interests, to the sole benefit of the 1%.

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Rebel of Oz's appearance on the "Free American" Clayton Douglas' radiashow. Rebel of Oz explains to a worldwide audience details of his plans to overthrow the Jewish world order with a surprisingly simple and feasible plan for a "bad for the Jews" Goyim Bank.

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This is my legacy to the dissident community. I am being prevented both from sending and receiving emails and even from accessing my site. From a Jewish point of view, this is impeccable timing. I call it a Jewincidence, that is a “coincidence” that is “good for the Jews”. It all happened right at the time when I was about to properly launch my “money weaponising” project. The Jews must be really scared.

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Why is there so much poverty and suffering on this plentiful planet? Jew you know why? Because in this upside-down virtual reality, I call the Jewniverse, they have turned us all into virtual slaves.

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When thinking about what makes humans different from animals, two things come first to my mind: fire and money. Fire gives us warmth during winter, light at night and protection against wild animals and enemies. Money gives us the ability of exchanging goods and services, enabling us to leverage on our special skills.

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Jesus can't make it back because he never existed, he was never here in the first place.  Myth can not appear in the heavens and descend to your rescue. Jesus is not coming on a White horse with a golden sword coming out of his mouth, such imagery is allegorical, not real.  But oh how Christians believe this myth, even in this age of reason and science, Christians are still believing this retarded myth and damning the world in the process.

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no president can stomach benjamin_netanyahu

I am dismayed by prolific VT writer Jonas E. Alexis  recent essay entitled No U.S. President Can Stomach Benjamin NetanyahuHis rewrite of Zachary Keck's essay of the same title does not go far enough, although both writers should be commended for taking on Bibi's bullshit antics.


This essay correct those previous two and I am using the same title, so that a google search pulls up my essay along with theirs.  At no point does this respected VT writer every mention that Judaism is the source of Bibi's Satanic philosophy. 


Jonas discusses the Irgun operations as terrrorist policies of Benjamin Netanyahu, he describes Netanyahu's behavior as "Talmudic".

"...Talmudic ideology that is driving Netanyahu."

"So, Netanyahu’s political ideology stemmed from those terrorist groups, which essentially are Talmudic in their orientation. The reason that no U.S. president can stand the man in Tel Aviv is because he lives in this Talmudic colony, which has no respect for reason and order and morality. "

But dear Jonas, where did the Talmud come from?   All literature comes from somewhere, Jews didn't all of a sudden just dream of Satanic Talmudic philosophy out of pure nothingness.  The source of the Talmud is the Torah, the evolution of the Torah is the Talmud, hate literature that gets scarier by the volume.

The Torah beget the Talmud which beget Satanism

Will Christians ever get it?  Will Christians ever see the source of evil is the Jewish religion?  The spellbinding effects of the Holy Bible on the human mind are immense, we are literally in end times because we are acting out the memes of a Jewish holy book.  Can the world survive Christian apologetics for much longer?  The answer is no and which is why Christianity must be taken down along with Judaism. 


Christians jut can't come out and say that Judaism is Satanic, because that would damn their own religion!  What Christian can admit that their precious faith was spawned out of a Satanic philosophy!  The Old Testament Torah God is a damn monster and no one wants to admit it!  Not even Richard Dawkins, who penned the most famous description of Yahweh to date, will dare say it!

why not just admit jews are monsters

What Jonas also doesn't mention is the pathetic nature of Western leaders that would even tolerate the Netanyahu for one second.  Why isn't the world's number one terrorist droned?  Why is Netanyahu allowed to continue wrecking the world?  The Mossad routinely assassinates political figures, why not do unto him what he orders every day?  The West is spineless.  Why, why, why?

So what is the real reason for the pathetic Western Democracies lack of action concerning demonic little Israel?  Christianity.  Christian ethos.  Christian servitude.  Christian ass licking.  Christian sheep can't seem to get it together and defend themselves from one lone wolf.  Why?  Because Christian are wimps, fainthearted in defense of life because they always give a free pass to Jews.

hell-demon-satanyahu follows the Torah to the letter

Christian America readily bombs Iraq but not Israel.  What gives?   Pussification of the West by the Holy Bible.  No American politician, under the cultural spell of Christianity, can actually deal with the real evil coming out of Tel Aviv.  So they cower in the corner afraid of Bibi's bite.  But all it takes is one leader with some balls to take out Israel with one strike.

How many know that the eternal unchanging God Yahweh morphs in the Holy Bible to the forgiving Jesus?  Christians play pretend, they insist God never changed. Have you ever considered what that really means?  The father of Jesus was the devil himself, Judaism is Satanic and the real (loving) god can't be Yahweh so his image had to have a makeover.

Bibi Netanyahyu and chaBAD RABBIS follow Torah

The truth about the origin of Jesus is too much to bear.  Who penned the Jesus tale?  The Jewish Rabbi Josephus on the pay of Rome.  Someone with intimate knowledge of ancient scriptures had to be the author because the new religion was tailored to convert Jews, and the new tale had to convince the Jewish intelligentsia.  Rome needed a JEWISH expert to write the new myth.

So how can Christianity be any better than Judaism when the original tale is penned by a Jew?  Do you not know that Jews are pathological liars?  Do you not know that Josephus sold out his own army then his own people and became an honorary Flavian?  Do you not know that Josephus took down the Roman Empire with his new myth?


Veterans Today is taking a leadership role in transformation back to sanity in Washington D.C., how about some truth for a change?  Are you guys ever going to get it?  Judaism is Satanic, it is no coincidence that the Satanic obsessions of Hollywood come from all the Jews working there.




Let me be very clear for the Bible believers reading this:  there is no "Satan".  The devil does NOT exist.  The devil, like god, is a meme in a book.  The devil is a memetic construct to explain evil in the world.  The secretive cipher gematriatric writers wordplay evil by adding the letter D EVIL = 4 EVIL.  Tricky, just like Christianity.


So why is Judaism "Satanic"?  If you say god created everything, then that destroys is of the devil.  Jews destroy everything starting with their literature by inverting reality.  Spiritual truths inverted destroy the human soul and living things.  Jews are literally the devils working for Satan in this realm.  But the truth is Satan might be equivalent of all evil in the West but the term comes from the East.

Now let's be clear about this meme "Satan".  What is the source of this word?  That topic is of much debate and I put forth the idea that the origin of the word "Satan" is from Hinduism, otherwise known as the Sanatan Dharma back in the Old Testament days.


Hinduism is a life affirming memeplex, and those that oppose this as a rival religion, the Jews, demonized their competition with the slur "Satan".  Remember is no devil Satan, theological writers must invent the devil if you start with the construct that god is good, how do explain evil in the world?


The devil is an invention of theists coming up with a storyline of how gods all perfect, the all good creation, went bad.  At some point, the word Satan was inserted in the Holy Text and made equivalent to the devil.  This is exactly something the devious Jewish writer would do.  What you don't know is that the tribe can destroy the world with this verse.

If you take a tree and flip it upside down and plant it, is it going to grow?  No, it will wither and die with the roots up in the air, the tree can not live upside down.  Neither can the world live when it abides by Judaism, where spiritual truths are inverted, where the judging Jewish war-god is made out to be love.

benjamin-netanyahu-follows torah and talmud

Go talk to any Christian, they will insist that their god is love.  Apparently they don't read their holy book because there is no way to describe the Old Testament God as love.  Yahweh is the exact opposite of love.  So planting Yahweh in your mind is like planting a tree upside down, your reality is inverted, you think judgment is love, you then act this construct out, making war on the world as an act of love.

And don't Christians just love that Bible god Yahweh?  In fact there are thousands of Yahweh cults just in the United States.  So many racists want to be the one true Jew and favorite pet of Yahweh, British Israelism and Christian Identity cults keep proliferating across the planet and probably funded by the ADL and SPLC terrorists.

christians love crazy because they are crazy

If you start with the logic that God made all things good, so how did it go so bad?  Badness and evil must be explained because origin of things must be explained in holy literature.  If the myth writers say God created a perfect Universe, then how did evil enter the world?   Ah ha, enter the devil and sin, the anti-god character and man's fall that gets God off the hook for everything wrong.


An angel led a rebellion against god, the leader of this rebellion, Satan, was the most beautiful turned most ugly.  The explanation of the angel going bad is how theists explain evil.  It wasn't god's fault that everything went to shit.  The devil and man's sin takes the fall and this becomes the set up for Jesus and the blood sacrifice. 

It's total religious bullshit, first of all sin doesn't exist, neither does the devil or hell and we are not to blame for the fall of mankind!  The Jew is putting on humanity this huge guilt trip with their holy literature, which was repeated with the Holocaust myth.  The Jew is to blame for the evil in the world because of his evil holy literature, the source of evil is the Torah which beget the Talmud and 'Satanic' foreign policies.


There is a big problem with the anti-god construct, because when things go bad humans can put the blame off on the devil and not take responsibility for their actions.  'The devil made me do it' is how so many people negate their own actions. No matter how bad it gets, Christians will claim that it was prophecized and that Jesus is coming back to make a new earth.

Terrible myth leads to deadly consequences, the Torah is making hell on this planet right now and it's time to come out of myth and see it for what it is, total Jewish bullshit!  Jesus never existed, can not come back, and it is not prophecy but programming that is creating 'end times". 

It is better to explain good and evil the Hindu way, the Universe is in duality of creation and destruction.  Gods of creation are opposed by Gods of destruction.  The destroyer gods are not demonized, they are necessary for creation to work.  "Creation" is destroying itself along the way, species come and go, but the Universe evolves on.


cherry 2000 become reality this century

The unevolved Jewish soul is leading humanity to a specie extinction event.  Jews, stuck in ego consciousness, are pursuing technology that will crush the human spirit and push us into a transhuman future.  Do we really want to go there or we are being pushed by the Jewish World Order into extinction as we madly pursue debt payments?

transhuman logo negated

The Jewish technology freaks have created a "h+" logo to represent transhumanism, humans with technology is a plus.  Are you suspect of that claim?  Do you really want to be part machine?  Or is transhumanism a trap?  Is is a big negative for the specie?

rid yourself of the cell phone

My Russian friend Tim, turned Hare Krishna devotee, tossed his cell phone into a Koi pond the other day.  This brave act struck my soul resonance of how I always have felt about all this high tech shit we must have.  We don't need it, it is leading us away from our humanity.  Do we really need these communication devices when we can contact each other directly with our minds?


Do we want this, is it wise, or should we recognize the Jew as the problem and remove the Jew from political power?  Yes!  We should abandon Jewish thinking and move back toward love and sanity and come out of the Bible spell that is taking us to hell.

One of the most famous quotes from New Age author and physicist, Drunvalo Melchizedek, speaks volumes on where we are headed as a specie.

"All technology is separation from the divine"

drunvalo_melchizedek quote all technology is separation from the divine

The Holy Bible is not holy (wholly) or good (godly).  The Jew Bible is a perversion of reality, where truth is inverted, false stands on the head of truth. Could the Bible perversion be the source of our drive away from Nature? Jewish central banks have put the world into trillions upon trillions of unpayable debt, economic madness now consumes the world economies as everyone tries to keep up with unbearable notes.

The Jew specialty of warring against creation yet posing as divinity is their hallmark - making the empty claim that Jews represent the creator while destroying everything.  The Bible equates love with judgment, an inversion of love, negating love and making humans into war making monsters in the name of god.


Many technology corporations are led by Jews, eager to advance war on humanity with their war on terror fabrication, with their incessant drive to control everything with every available technology.  The NSA spies on everything, all the data goes to the hell state of Israel, to evil Jews who will use the information against us.  You should protest this unbelievable act of treason and urge your representative to wage war on Israel.


Israel is no good because the Jew is no good.  People have a hard time seeing that truth.  How can Israel be anything but evil when they are acting out the Old Testament script, waging genocide on the local inhabitants, murdering the total Palestinian population with money and bombs stolen from the United States?

god delusion quote, is yahweh evil

Why is the Jew no good?  Because the Jew inverts all reality to fit his low vibration agenda of dominance and control. The Jew invented his phony god and said this judging malevolent entity was holy and good, when in fact the deity was the most evil god.  The Jew inverted reality and made evil the good in your mind.

Jews control most of the modern world and it is a mess with war and dissonance, and this is no accident, it is a direct result of Jewish philosophy applied with technology.  Thus we can see that pursuing technology is leading us to a dead end.  Maybe when you come to this realization and see where we are headed you will do as my Russian friend Tim did, chunk your god damn cell phone into the nearest body of water and turn yourself over to love.

burn the bible then burn the jew - yukon jack logo


It's time to kill the Jew traitors, but unfortunately America has lost it's balls.  Pussy whipped President Obama, traitor to the American Republic, is set to release the worst Jew spy in American history.  This is beyond pathetic, it is suicidal, it is treasonous, it is pure madness.

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Why is the Bible so popular even though the Jew is so wrong?  You might be surprised to learn the popularity of the Bible is not because God authored it, but because it appeals greatly to ego.  Gentiles have attached their egos to the Holy Bible and will defend it to death, which is equivalent of defending the Jew from death.

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If you want to understand how insane this Climate Change and Global Warming Scam has become, consider how this trace gas of Methane is being demonized as life threatening.  Methane is a trace gas of trace atmopheric gases, it is doing nothing to Earth's atmosphere yet it is demonized daily on the Jewtube!  No amount of farting will ever stop the new Ice Age.

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The Greek people’s efforts to end the economic depression, recover their sovereignty and reverse the regressive socio-economic policies, which have drastically reduced living standards, have been thrice denied.

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Kid ACTOR John Christian Graas on Star Trek & "Charleston church massacre" ACTOR "Dylann Storm Roof," the SUPPOSEDLY violent white Southern male WN who supposedly gunned down nine black folks at their Charleston, South Carolina church on June 16....

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A favorite whipping boy of Sulzberger's Jew York Slimes, the Lebanese Muslim military and political organization known as Hezbollah has long been designated as a "terrorist group" by the Israeli vassal states known as the United States and the European Union. Indeed, a Google Search for the term "Hezbollah Terrorist" yields an astounding 12,400,000 results. Those Hezbollah thugs must be some really "bad guys", right? A closer look indicates otherwise.

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This is why action will be needed and soon. You can't even mind your own business and withdraw from the world of the Beast. They come right in, guns drawn, after you. The time to retreat and run is over. It just makes the bullying worse.

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Warning - Cognitive Dissonance

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Free Palestine! There is only one solution to the ME problem and that's a Jew-free one-state solution!!! - Rebel of Oz

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