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rebelofoz added a new comment in God's Plan For You Is Your Extinction 40 minutes ago

You're spot on, Yukon. Time for the Church Kikes to to wake and see the ugly truth.

rebelofoz added a reply in discussion Good news and bad news... 1 hour 3 minutes ago

It's all good. I made it. A white angel came and saved me. Not for the first time. Thank you so much in the name of the entire "Rebel Community"....

I have taken a screenshot of the site I am feeling pretty emotional about what will happen you dont post on a website get to know the posters and not feel a great loss in your heart of what might happen .

Is it the end Rebel ?

rebelofoz started a new discussion Good news and bad news... 9 hours 17 minutes ago

I have got good news and bad news for you. The good news first. I have finally got the new news frontpage to work that comes with my new template. It's not quite as fast as yet as I would like it to be but I'm sure with some optimisation work I will be able eventually to get it to open in under 5 seconds list the rest of the site. Here's how it ...

duncanlucas started a new discussion American citizen data goes to ... 10 hours 32 minutes ago

The Pentagon-- Cyber Defense Strategy -Dept. of Defense has introduced news laws that allow the 4TH Amendment to be broken . It has been decided in order to strengthen the Dept. American citizens data will be shared with a key allies in the Middle -East by that they mean Israel .Therefore Nutteryahu and his Jewish mass murderers will know US cit...

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You're spot on, Yukon. Time for the Church Kikes to to wake and see the ugly truth.
I hate to disagree with Mr. DeNugent but Oathkeepers is a fraud and run by a Jew, Stewart Rhodes. C...
Guest - allovertheplace
I agree with your assessment.
Guest - allovertheplace
That is precisely my take as well.

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