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There is a choice conspiracy theory that comedian Bill Hicks morphed into Alex Jones after his death, AJ showed up when Bill Hicks disappeared.  Both of these unusual ass clowns have very high IQ's and the evidence is compelling:

Bill Hicks was down on the American way:

"It's all about money, not freedom, y'all, okay? Nothing to do with fuckin' freedom. If you think you're free, try going somewhere without fucking money, okay?"

Did Bill 'it's all a show' Hicks cave to his cynicism, did he fake his death with the help of the CIA - Israelis - Stratfor and become the money making king of conspiracy?  The possibility exists because they need to lead the lower middle class astray as they squeeze America into a police state.  Alex Jones is not fighting the police state, he is announcing it with a bull horn.

bill hicks it's all a show alex jones

The fact is you can go anywhere without any money, I do it all the time, but then again I am not cynical like Bill Hicks and Alex Jones, who has caved into the money.  No one gets rich writing about the truth, so what does a cynical person do?  Cave, and make money, and tell the lies of state.

Alex Hicks

Is Jonestown Bill Hicks? Perhaps.  Does it matter?  Somewhat.  What does the popularity of AJ mean?  The elites are extremely aggressive in providing you with bad information.   Call it Patriotic Zionism.  AJ and his Infowars is a Zionist American Patriot spin on reality, in other words it's bullshit.


Infowhores is a very bad information outlet because it whitewashes Jewish involvement in crimes of state, like 911.  Neocons, Jews in NYC,  and Israelis did and covered-up 911.  Jones suppresses that information, he specifically suppresses Jewish involvement in the destruction of the United States.  911 is the litmus test that Jones fails.


Alex Jones deserves the title of Judas Goat or Jonestown because of what he is doing.  Drink the Koolaid, death cult globalists did it! Alex Jones has every chasing ghosts, he talks about every conspiracy except the one that matters, Jews.


With Jade Helm (Jude Hell on America) looming, he has lead many patriotic Americans away from the truth of who is behind the New World Order - Jews.  A true patriot identifies and names the enemy Jew.  Alex Jones doesn't, he is the Judas Goat leading patriots into a trap, the Jew slaughterhouse, Jade Helm 2015.


Who is worse, the known traitor or the hidden agent running cover for the Jewish criminal enterprise? Who is guilty of worse treason, the AIPAC member, the PNAC signer, or Alex Jones?  Jones is insane and should leave the truth movement because once outed he will be held responsible for his crime of knowing and willfully lying to the American people.

Bill Hicks may be Alex Jones or not, but it is easy to see that Alex Jones is impersonating a concerned patriot.  Alex Jones is serving up a big bowl of steaming cow turds for his Christian Zionist audience.  Take his continuous association with World Net Daily and it's team of known Zionist Agents and disinformationists like Jerome Corsi and Pamela Geller.


Pamela Geller just stage a Charlie Hebdo like false flag, yet Jonestown associates with WND a site she pens her hateful anti-Muslim diatribes.  France lost her liberty due to that false flag attack which was most likely organized by none other than antichrist Bibi Satanyahu.  Of course most of the Christian sheep think the antichrist is a Muslim or Obama, not that little turd in the Israhell sand box.

When the Garland False Flag staged event took place, who did Alex Jones bring on his show to explain it away?  None other than Michael Weiner Savage, a known Jewish pro-Israel shill.  What did the Jew Savage tell you?  The civil war was here, Islam was attacking America!  TOTAL BULLSHIT!

guilty by association

Alex Jones also did a movie with ultra pro-Zionist Christian Joel Skousen, author of 'The Survival Home Manual' and 'Strategic Relocation: North American Guide to Safe Places' who tells us that we have to attack Syria and Iran.  Good books but bad Zionist advice, Christians are dishonest, they can not figure and will not admit that the Jew and Israel are the mortal enemies of freedom and America.

joel skousen infowars zionist patriot

As America goes down in flames it is highly disturbing that patriots like Joel Skousen is unable to articulate the truth about the Jew or say that Israel did 911.  That is pathetic and suicidal, cowardly and sheepish.  America needs truth tellers not authors eager to please Zion and hawking books on Jonestown radio.

The enemy of America is the Jewish state, the Jewish religion, Jewish philosophy and parasitic thinking and behavior.  The mortal enemy of mankind is the Jew, which is never mentioned on the number one conspiracy website.  Alex Jones is making bank, entertaining his Christian audience, which is in deep denial of reality.


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